Bosch 3397008634 Rear Wiper Blade

Bosch 3397008634 Rear Wiper Blade

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Product Description

  • Bosch 3397008634 Rear Wiper Blade
  • Replacement for Genuine Part No. 5G6955427C, 5K6955427A and 510955427A
  • Made in China

More Information

More Information
Genuine Part #5G6-955-427C
Blade Length280mm / 11"
Driver SideRight
Service PositionRear Window
Pack ofOne

Fits These Cars

This Parts Fit the Following Vehicles:

Make Year Model Sub-model Engine
Volkswagen2009GolfTSI 120bhp1.4
Volkswagen2009GolfTSI 160bhp1.4
Volkswagen2010GolfTSI 120bhp1.4
Volkswagen2010GolfTSI 160bhp1.4
Volkswagen2011GolfTSI 120bhp1.4
Volkswagen2011GolfTSI 160bhp1.4
Volkswagen2012GolfTSI 120bhp1.4
Volkswagen2012GolfTSI 160bhp1.4
Volkswagen2013New GolfTSI 122PS BMT Comfortline1.4
Volkswagen2016GolfTSI BMT Trendline125PS
Volkswagen2015GolfR-Line 300PS 4MOTION2.0
Volkswagen2016GolfGTI Clubsport265PS
Volkswagen2014GolfGTI 220PS 2-door2.0
Volkswagen2016GolfTSI BMT GT150PS
Volkswagen2017Golf230 TSI Match+125PS
Volkswagen2017New GolfGT Sport150PS
Volkswagen2016GolfR 4MOTION 6MT 2-door300PS
Volkswagen2014GolfTSI 140PS BMT R-Line1.4
Volkswagen2015GolfGTI 220PS DSG 2-door2.0
Volkswagen2014GolfGTI Performance 230PS 2-door2.0
Volkswagen2013New GolfGTI 220PS2.0
Volkswagen2014GolfTSI 140PS BMT GT1.4
Volkswagen2015GolfTSI 140PS BMT R-Line1.4
Volkswagen2015GolfGTI Performance 230PS 2-door2.0
Volkswagen2014GolfTSI 122PS BMT Trendline1.4
Volkswagen2017New GolfGTI Performance245PS
Volkswagen2015GolfTSI 140PS BMT GT1.4
Volkswagen2016Golf280 TSI GT Sport150PS
Volkswagen2017GolfGTI DSG 4-door Drivers Edition220PS
Volkswagen2016GolfGTI DSG 4-door220PS
Volkswagen2017New GolfR310PS
Volkswagen2016GolfR 4MOTION DSG Racing Edition300PS
Volkswagen2014GolfTSI 122PS BMT Comfortline1.4
Volkswagen2015GolfTSI 122PS BMT Trendline1.4
Volkswagen2016Golf280 TSI GT150PS
Volkswagen2014GolfGTI 220PS 4-door2.0
Volkswagen2014GolfGTI Performance 230PS 4-door2.0
Volkswagen2016New Golfe-Golf115PS
Volkswagen2017New Golfe-Golf136PS
Volkswagen2015GolfTSI 122PS BMT Comfortline1.4
Volkswagen2016Golf230 TSI Match125PS
Volkswagen2015GolfGTI 220PS DSG 4-door2.0
Volkswagen2015GolfGTI Performance 230PS 4-door2.0
Volkswagen2013New GolfTSI 140PS BMT GT1.4
Volkswagen2016GolfGTI Performance 6MT 4-door230PS
Volkswagen2013New GolfTSI 122PS BMT Trendline1.4
Volkswagen2017New GolfGT Sport Dynamic Pack150PS
Volkswagen2017Golf280 TSI GT150PS
Volkswagen2014GolfR 300PS 4MOTION 4-Door2.0
Volkswagen2015New e-Golf115PSN.A.
Volkswagen2017New GolfMatch125PS

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