RAVENOL Getriebeoel TSG SAE 75W-90 1L

RAVENOL Getriebeoel TSG SAE 75W-90 1L

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Product Description

RAVENOL Getriebeoel TSG SAE 75W-90 is a semi-synthetic multi-purpose transmission oil for maximum duty manual transmissions.
RAVENOL Getriebeoel TSG SAE 75W-90 is designed based on high-quality synthetic base oils with special additive treatment and inhibition coordinated to the increased stress on manual transmission oils and ensuring trouble-free transmission function.

Application Notes

RAVENOL Getriebeoel TSG SAE 75W-90 is suitable for highly stressed manual transmissions (with and without synchronising), transfer cases and steering gearboxes in vehicles and work machines.

Quality Classifications




Practice and tested in aggregates with filling

PSA Standard B 71 2315, VW 501 50, Ford M2C-175, GM Opel B 040 104 3


RAVENOL Getriebeoel TSG SAE 75W-90 offers:
• excellent ageing resistance
• extra high pressure absorption properties
• optimal viscosity-temperature properties
• excellent low temperature properties
• shearing stability
• stable lubricating film even under high stress
• extremely low pour point
• good elastomer compatibility to prevent leaks

More Information

More Information
FabricationSemi Synthetic
SAE Viscosity Grade75W-90
Oil TypeManual Transmission

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