3D AAT 502 Finishing Polish, 8oz

3D AAT 502 Finishing Polish, 8oz

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Product Description

Create a flawless glass-like finish on any paint system

  • Industry’s first Finishing Polish with Adaptive Abrasive Technology (AAT), provides the fastest path to a flawless finish without using any fillers
  • Nano abrasives remove fine swirl marks and holograms effortlessly
  • Polishes the vehicle to the superior showroom finish, as reflective as glass
  • No dust design makes clean up easy

Step by Step:

  • After removing sanding marks with 3D AAT Rubbing Compound, use 3D Black Foam Pad and apply enough 3D AAT Finishing Polish to work a 2’ X 2’ area
  • Adjust polisher speed to 1200-1800 rpm and slowly buff a 2’ x 2’ area using back and forth overlapping passes
  • Remove 3D AAT Finishing Polish with microfiber towel before moving on to another panel

More Information

More Information
Brand 3D
Car Care ProductWax
Car Care ApplicationPolish / Shine
Wax TypePaste

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